On Demand Events

Events from our 2020 programme.

Friday 2 October, 5-6pm

This docu-short is a multi-layered journey which follows Lyn Gerald from her discovery of her Congolese roots to look at the traditional art of scarring and the impact of the... FULL DETAILS +

Monday 5 October, 7-8.30pm

A community conversation on disproportionately within the Youth Justice System and an exploration into criminal exploitation of children and young people.  The discussion will also cover county lines and the... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 10 October 6-7.30pm

A discussion about the Windrush Scandal, featuring a documentary which is part of the Is Britain Racist series of films made by film maker, Jean Marc Aka-Kadjo. The film charts... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 10 October, 7-8.30pm
Newham Town Hall

Grab a seat, a cushion, lay down, or take a stand and join Adam East London for the specially commissioned dance performance Long Play Liberation celebrating Newham’s Black History Month... FULL DETAILS +

Monday 12 October, 7-8.30pm

The stigma attached to school exclusions on our young people. An exploration into the implications and impact of such an event on a young person’s life. Is there life after... FULL DETAILS +

Friday 16 October, 7-8pm

An evening of poetry with award winning human rights campaigner, writer and artist, Zita Holbourne from her sell out book “Striving for Equality Freedom and Justice”. Some of the poems... FULL DETAILS +

Monday 19 October, 7-8.30pm

In the current climate food insecurity is a very real concern, with more people having to choose between paying utilities and eating than ever before.  ACFC presents:  a community conversation... FULL DETAILS +

Tuesday 20 October, 5-6.30pm

Dr Aisha Phoenix hosts a discussion about colourism – what it is and why it is important. The discussion will also feature colourism in the media, and in the context... FULL DETAILS +

Tuesday 20 October, 7-8pm

An online photographic exhibition with interviews profiling five inspirational black women from Newham. This exhibition will highlight these positive role models, their hidden stories and achievements. FULL DETAILS +

Wednesday 21 October, 7-8pm

A new solo play about the systemic and systematic unjustified killings of Black Lives.  Written and performed by actor and playwright, Christopher Tajah and performed live, the play explores the... FULL DETAILS +

Friday 23 October, 7-8pm

Meet Adunni, a teenage girl born into a rural Nigerian village.  Aged fourteen, she is a commodity, a wife, a servant.  She is also smart, funny, curious, with a spirit and joy... FULL DETAILS +

Friday 23 October, 6-7.30pm
Stratford Old Town Hall

Join local renowned comedian, Quincy, to hear Windrush Generation experiences through the eyes of young people.  Hear how those stories have impacted those young people and their aspiration for the... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 24 October, 4.30-5pm

Join IROKO for an entertaining and inspirational online storytelling performance of The Legend of Rhomiwa, an African tale highlighting the plight of the oppressed, performed with music, songs and dance.... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 24 October, 11-12.30pm

One of a series of three workshops highlighting and celebrating the work of Black artists who migrated from the Caribbean to the UK during the Windrush era and the contribution... FULL DETAILS +

Monday 26 October, 2.30-4pm

Your voice heard! Join artist Antonietta Torsiello in an art activism workshop and create your own protest signs inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and other inspirational movements.  Discuss... FULL DETAILS +

Monday 26 October, 7-8.30pm

If you do not know the direction you are heading? How will you know if you have arrived at your intended destination? This session explores the experiences of a Black... FULL DETAILS +

Tuesday 27 October, 6-7pm

Stories from Newham’s Windrush Generation who will share their memories and treasures that remind them of home. FULL DETAILS +

Tuesday 27 October, 6-7pm

In this lecture for Black History Month we shall consider the ways national institutions control and shape the narratives of Black people (African and African diasporic communities) in and of... FULL DETAILS +

Wednesday 28 October 2020

A discussion with Newham author, Joy White, about her new book, Terraformed: Young Black Lives in the Inner City which is available from Newham Bookshop.   FULL DETAILS +

Friday 30 October, 7-7.45pm

A thought-provoking documentary with Newham residents talking about the musical genres that have formed the sonic backdrop to their lives. Stories span the Windrush Generation to the present day, illustrating... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 31st October, 11-12.30pm

One of a series of three workshops highlighting and celebrating the work of Black artists who migrated from the Caribbean to the UK during the Windrush era and the contribution... FULL DETAILS +

Saturday 31 October, 7-8pm

DJ Norman Jay will discuss his book, Mister Good Times, with author, Sharmaine Lovegrove. It is a vivid and engaging portrait of the man behind the music that has inspired... FULL DETAILS +

Friday 13 November, 6-6.30pm

A series of monologues created by young east London artists inspired by Theatre Royal Stratford East’s audio play, “8:46”.  The monologues interrogate and celebrate identity, power and community within the... FULL DETAILS +