Black Ink

Saturday 26 October, 11.30am-5pm

Poetry and reading sessions focusing on the contribution of Black and mixed-race communities in literature, poetry and storytelling.

How to Attend

A day dedicated to Black History at Newham Poetry House, with workshops, readings and discussion.

  • 11.30am-1pm Cine Forum/discussion: Recognising the Past, Shaping the Future
  • 1.30-3pm Poetry Workshop: ‘Black Poetry Matters’ – Who are the great Black British poets? What did they write about? And why does it matter? We will discuss text and video in small groups before writing our own poetry. Come along for some education and inspiration!
  • 3-5pm Poetry readings and spoken word

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Stratford Park

Stratford Park, West Ham Lane, London, E15 3JR

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